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OnMouseOver Generator

This JavaScript will help you make JavaScript image flips using OnMouseOver. In JavaScript, OnMouseOver basically defines an action to occur when the mouse passes over an object. The most common use of this is to create an image flip. When the mouse passes over your first image, a second one will appear, and when the mouse passes away from the object the original image will appear again.

Use our mouseover generator to create quick and easy OnMouseOver javascripts, then copy and paste into your webpage.

Fill out the form below and we'll create the code to copy and paste into your page to create an image flip. To have multiple image flips on one page, just do this for each mouseover flip you wish to create. We'll tell you what to do after you submit:

If you want the image to be clickable, enter the page it should link to :
Original Image Location :
Second Image Location :

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